Interview Doctor Sossavi Adjovi, Board member Ubipharm

Q: We are going to start this interview to ask you some personal questions if you wish,

A: I am listening.

Q: Talk about the very beginning, what you is this fluidity in the language of Shakespeare?

A: Oh, you surprise me!

Q: I will pray,

A: I actually made ​​a good part of my studies in the United States, and a small early career.

Q: What else?

A: I made my third cycle, and there have validated my PhD. So this has contributed to my interest in culture and language.

Q: And today, or are you?

A: To tell the truth after giving my life to serving men in order to heal the world, I aspire to a little quiet.

Q: So you're retired?

A: No we can not say that, when we are nourished by this vocation tojours found a way to help to the end of his life. It is true that at my age a lot of my knowledge are retired for many years, but we do not aspire to the same quest.

Q: What is your relationship with Man-consulting?

A: Actually I had the chance to work responsibilities in the private and the public for years. I also traveled the world as part of my professional activity mainly (Africa, Europe, United States and so on). But during this journey I had little chance to meet many people like about this company.

Q: But why you will mobilize with you for consulting-Man?

R: As I told you I worked hard to help people in my life, except my profession, but also associations travaers caricatives as Lions Club etc.. Beyond the economic apect I retouve comciété in this, the traces of humanity, if not of humanism in the values ​​behind the company.

Q: What will be your last word?

A: Yes you know, at my age, wisdom is the courage to hope for a better world for the next generation. In fact my last word is actually that if all companies within the same principle as Man-consulting when my courage was not in vain.

Q: Doctor Adjovi, thank you for your time.

A: It was a pleasure.

Interview Nagbé Béatrice, health staff of the hospital Departemental Stell (Rueil-Malmaison, France).

Q: Hello, what do you think of the company "Man-consulting"?

A: It is That a young company, but already very ambitious.

Q: What makes you sign up for it?

A: It represents the values ​​I expect from a company. Participate in the life of the city, both economically and humanely. On this point I must admit that its values ​​are in perfect harmony.

Q: for it because you recommend Man-consulting company over another?

A: To be honest, computers and new technologies are not my niche. I worked for over twenty years in health and I am closer to humans. That's what I found among employees of Man-consulting, a respect for the human one support tailored to my level as well as services tailored to my needs. After having rubbed shoulders I almost regret not having chosen the same niche early in my youth. Not seriously try them and you adopt them.

Q: Madam, thank you.

A: Thank you.

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