Our services


The architecture proposed by Man-Computer Consulting supports you in all phases of your search for Computer Solutions.

We carry with you the needs assessment.
We help you in writing your specifications. We guide you in the strategic choices :

  • - Products on the market
  • - Development of tailored solutions

From the selected product, we help you in achieving the fine analysis.
We are following in the deployment of the solution.
The architecture of Man-consulting describes the structure of your IT systems in terms of components, and organizations.

Visions physical / logical
We support you to :

  • - Physical design: the real vision of a computer system
  • - Logical design: the virtual representation of a concept or conceptual computer to make it more affordable. It is a vision of the mind.
  • - Design multilayer (three-tier design)
  • - Web Design
  • - Design B2B or B2C
  • - The design EAI
  • - The design-oriented services or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • - Design ERP
  • - The design CRM/li>
  • - The design decision
  • - The design RAID

Man-consulting with you for computer concepts designed to meet the constraints :

  • - Design high availability: low failure rates
  • - Design massively parallel high computing capacity
  • - Design secure: security constraint etc...


  • - Information systems consulting
  • - Engineering consultants
  • - Advice on management systems
  • - Consulting, preparations, monitoring, management and responses to tenders
  • - Advice tailored to specific customer environments

We are currently able to manage your market, run, secure and supervise all interactions of your business, whether email, files, messages, services, events or processes. More and more organizations in all industries and in more and more countries are based on the range of services governance know-how to ensure and maximize the effectiveness of their value chains, regulatory compliance and quality of service.

Our customers growing needs in terms of structure of service management. They then used our services for our expertise in computer service.


We support you in the form of :

  • - Transfer of skills
  • - Training systems
  • - Training software
  • - Training tailored to your needs

Man-consulting with you through your projects, in the form of transfer of skills when your teams are in need.
The appropriate training systems you need are also provided to your staff in order to help them increase their technical proficiency, his special training, among other software they are intended to help you highlight your business.


Man-consulting, brings you the maintenance to maintain or restore your property in a specified state so that it is able to ensure your specific service. Bringing together the actions of troubleshooting and repair, adjustment, revision, control and verification of hardware (machinery, transport equipment, computer, etc.). Or even intangible (software).
Our maintenance service can also be asked to participate in studies to improve the process industrialized or not, and should, like other services of your company, consider your many constraints such as quality, safety, environment , cost, etc...

We support you for maintenance :

  • - systems
  • - Networks
  • - Production
  • - Your business

Project management / implementation

We follow your obligations :

  • - Project management assistance, assistance with project management
  • - Development of specifications
  • - projects Research
  • - Functional management

Accompanying you to control the media, the financial cost (with appropriate proposals).
We support you need to carry, set the objective of the project, timetable and budget for this project. The expected result of the project, implementation and delivery of products, are the results that we are committed to your side. Man-consulting is responsible for the functional expression of your requirements, helping to realization of your books.
Man-consulting with you as a client, to work on behalf of your work which are made of engineering.


we offer :

  • - Support the design and development of your business
  • - Support, assistance and support tailored to your needs
  • - The support, monitoring and redesign your systems and networks
  • - Support the development and revision of your information system

Man-consulting with you on the different forms of your project :

  • - Intervene and assist remote computer service center (Assist users in a computer and digital Configure and update a computer workstation; Treat an incident in a service center, propose and implement solutions equipment and services; Participate in monitoring and fleet management computer configurations; implement and maintain virtual machines)
  • - Intervene and assist systems and computer networks (Intervene on an infrastructure network TCP / IP Intervening on a secure network infrastructure, remote management and troubleshooting a server Changing a directory service network; Automate tasks using scripts Deploy workstations on a corporate network, contribute to the management of computer problems)
  • - Intervene and assist in the transverse applications (manipulate a computer messaging system; manipulate a database server; identify a malfunction in a distributed architecture; Follow the indicators of quality of service and customer relations, organize and develop computer technology watch, use English in their professional activities in computer science) We support you for all your projects in the form of support among others.