Because we will seek growth wherever it is, and for reasons of proximity to our customers, we participate in a growing concern régionnal and internationally.
Through partnerships, historical ties Consulting-Man is present on several continents.


This close to the "Silicon Valley" in order to be closer to the major players in technology, our California offices allow us to be as close to the major players in development and technology.

  • - San Francisco


In order to be closer to the market, we are close to major technology areas in France (Sophia Antipolis, La Defense, Paris etc…)

  • - Aulnay-sous-bois (93)
  • - Nanterre (92)
  • - Nice (06)


We are present in several African countries. This presence allows us to be closer to the primary resources. Mainly present in West Africa, we are strengthening our presence in these countries, working with the Aboriginal population for sustainable development and skills transfer.
We continue to build on this continent, as it has development potential still untapped, we continue to develop new partnerships and opening new sites across the continent.

  • - Togo
  • - Bénin
  • - Côte d'ivoire
  • - Ghana